Saturday, April 25, 2015

What does one do on a Rainy day? Sew a Purse!

I have managed to finish another RLR Creations - Parisian Tote Bag.  This time I embroidered the cross design from Anita Goodesigns "Faith Quilt" collection.  I have a best friend who saw it and told me that it is hers!  So she will be coming by the shop next weekend to pick it up.  I have another one in the works and will share it when it gets completed.

I also "made" the cross zipper pull to match.  So all in all, it was a pretty good day even if it was raining!  Now I can sit back and read my book "All the Places to Go . . . How Will You Know?: God Has Placed before You an Open Door. What Will You Do?" by John Ortberg!  Oh, I need a cup of hot "orange spice" tea to enjoy with my book!  

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Good Morning! To All Who Are Creative or Want to Be!

I awoke this morning to blue skies and sun shining as I peered out my kitchen window.  I am praying that it will be a warm Spring day but my DH has informed me that the temperature high is 50 deg. (10 or more degree would be more pleasant for me!).

I am excited because I had the opportunity to be a pattern tester for RLR Creations (Rachel) and test sew her new Parisian Street Tote that she is releasing on her website in April.  I finished the first one and will be spending the afternoon cutting and preparing another one because it is so roomy, several pockets and is a perfect "Street Tote" (my laptop even fits inside so I could use it as a carrier between classes at the university where I am an instructor).  Here is my tote that I made during the testing.

Parisian Street Tote by RLR Creations

Rachel's linked to RLR Creations:

Life is very busy but I am so happy that I took the time to test this pattern.  I am still in the process of getting my digitized designs for the my Sizzix dies compiled so that I can begin offering them on my shop website.  So stay tuned and have a Blessed day!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

A Beautiful's warm outside!

Open the windows and let the fresh air is so nice outside.  I even took an afternoon ride with a friend and enjoyed some chatter.  How about you?  Did you wander out on this nice warm, sunny day?  I hope so and it made me want to move my embroidery machine outside just so I could enjoy the sun and being creative.

On another note, I wanted to share the book I authored that I just put on "my" on-line shop.  I am, currently, in the process of writing a second book.  I am not sharing the topic of it but it will be a different genre.

I have been so blessed just by the emails that I have received from everyone that has read it.  When I have been invited to speak at conferences and seminars, I have had many folks tell me that they bought it because of the beautiful horse on the cover that drew them in.  Many of the folks are not even "equestrians" but they love the devotions and it is not specific to any "year".  

If you would like for me to "autograph" the book just put it in the "comments" when you order it from my on-line shop!

Friday, March 13, 2015

Some folks believe it's Unlucky...

Happy Friday the 13th and may you have a wonderful day!  To me, it's just another day to be creative so lucky or not, I create!  I have always viewed LUCK as the acronym for "Laboring Under Correct Knowledge", (I just researched LUCK in txt talk, not there, but did you know that LuK = good luck?). Everyday for me is a day of learning whether is something new or sharpening my skills with a project that I am repeating (because I love the technique) so I am on the lookout for correct knowledge.

How about you?  What quilting or sewing project are you working on to improve it's appearance?  Do you take part in Block of the Month, or Challenge on various blogs or are you creating you own ideas to possibly publish?  Leave me a comment and let me know what gets your creative juices flowing!

Here is a photo of SAM!  She lives in my studio and often models some of my creative ideas.  In this photo, she is modeling my favorite "I cook with my boots On!" apron, it was a fun sewing and embroidery project for me to create.  I have many window shoppers that always come to a sudden stop when they see SAM in the window.  Some are startled, some find her whimsical, some come in and ask questions about what she is wearing but, all in all, she is popular with the humans!  By the way, my husband named her.  There is a funny story about how she came to the shop.  If you would like to know, leave a comment and I will share in a post.
SAM (short for Samantha)!

P.S. Did you know that the acronym in txt talk for ABC = Always Be Creating! 

Monday, March 9, 2015

aah, the birds are singing and I am adjusting to the time change!

The sound of birds singing in the morning tells me that spring just might be around the corner!  On the other side of life is this time change and I am really having a time adjusting!  Anyone else having that issue?

I was busy over the weekend playing with my Sizzix Big Shot machine and digitizing embroidery designs to make the projects a bit easier.  The cupcake die is one of my favorites and I have completed most of the embroidery designs so I will be zipping them up! to put on my website for sale.  Here is two examples:
Cupcake with Cherry on Top!

Happy Birthday, Red, White & Blue!

I really think the cherry on top needs some bling!  So I will be adding rhinestones and crystals to that one.  The Riley Blake fabric really makes for a cute icing.  I am anxious to get these designs finished and packaged because I have several of the Sizzix flower dies already digitized to preview.  

Have a great Monday and a Blessed week!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Done!  Spent the afternoon quilting just like I said I was going to.  And here are the February and March blocks from Pat Sloan's "Vacation Time" BOM.

Block #2

Block #3

Snow....more of it!
So I woke up to more of the white stuff all over our property!  I snapped this photo of Annie (my Filly) who wandered out of the barn into her pasture to walk in the snow and survey the weather.
When the snow started yesterday, I was at my studio creating this fabric bracelet that has a detachable "snap" flower.  I utilized my Big Shot cutting machine and flower die #657590 to cut the flower parts.  I really think the flower needs some "bling" so I will add crystals!
Sizzix die #657690
Well, the van has not had the snow removed so I will venture into my sewing home at the house and work on my UFOs.  I think I will start with my Pat Sloan "Vacation Time" blocks that I have not completed for February and then work on March.  Here is January block!
Pat Sloan "Vacation Time" January 2015
Hope you are enjoying a sewing/quilting day wherever you reside!  Stay inside, stay warm and stay creative!